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'Enjoyment through achievement' is a phrase that sums up our philosophy, and earning an ABRSM certificate is a rewarding experience. We recognise that if your child is working hard to make progress with their music they need some way of recognising their success and reassurance that they are on the right road. ABRSM music exams are taken by over 600,000 students throughout the world each year and so provide the benchmarks for the measurement of musical achievement.

When our teacher decides that your child is ready to sit an exam they will give them a letter containing details about the exam and fact sheet for you to read.

Once you have read the fact sheet and understand the conditions of entry you thenĀ  simply need to click on the button at the bottom of this page to make an entry.

Before making your entry you will need to know the following information:

  • Which grade they are taking?
  • What instrument are they playing?
  • Your credit or debit card to hand in order to pay

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