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Enrol For The monthly payment Package

This option is ideal for parents wanting to give their child the opportunity to start lessons without the need for a large upfront payment. Hanson Musical Instruments provides a package for Music in Schools (York) pupils.

You will get a brand new instrument for an affordable monthly price with flexibility to keep, change, return or upgrade the instrument.

Hire charge is as follows:

Instrument 24 monthly payments (interest free)
Cornet, Trumpet, Mini Clarinet, Clarinet and Flute: £12.50
Curved Headed Flute and Saxophone: £16.50
.Lessons are then charged at the discounted rate of £70.00 per term using our easy e-invoicing system.

The Package Includes:

  • A Brand New Instrument*
  • Discounted Tuition
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • 12 Months insurance
  • Flexibility to Return or change instruments
  • Free Delivery

*Please note Mini Clarinets are refurbished and loaned until the child is big enough for the new full sized instrument

You’re buying the instrument with 24 interest free monthly payments.
Flexibility to Change: Your child might begin on the trumpet but later find they are better suited to the flute.
Return: After 3 payments have been made the instrument can be returned to back to Hanson Musical Instruments at any time. Hanson Musical Instruments will guarantee the future value of your instrument and they will arrange to settle the outstanding finance with nothing more to pay.
Upgrade: You can upgrade your instrument at any time and the whole amount of payments you have already made be used towards upgrading.

You will also need to purchase the relevant Tutor book(s) for your chosen instrument, details of which can be found at www.normans.co.uk

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